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PHS Biotechs metamorphosed from Perfect Home Solutions. It started few years ago as a one man business in real estate agency. With a lot of Project Management and Business Development training in the background the business is borne out of interest to provide solution to home challenges, for example, finding a suitable accommodation in a defined location and with a stated budget, holiday plans, hotel reservations, accommodation for tourists e.t.c.

The need for human waste management applies to all kinds of home structures therefore, the need for a sustainable management. Under heavy research, we realized the invention of Biological Technology will solve a lot of problems without depending on social amenities.

Today, we are a leading company in Nigeria providing solutions to all real estate challenges. Our website remain the first dedicated website to Bio Digesters in Nigeria since its arrival.

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Bio Digester

Bio Digester

The Bio-Digester Toilet System consists of an easy to install super-structure, a multi-chambered matriced bio-tank that holds bacterial culture and supports the treatment of human waste.

It is an eco-friendly technology that is helping to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG-7) and actively supporting the vision of an open defecation free society.

The system does not need any external energy for treatment, rather gives out pathogen-free effluent water that is apt for gardening and similar purposes. The system meets all regulatory and environmentally compliances.


Movic Integrated Services

Our service are as follows:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Office / Corporate Cleaning
  • Pest Control & Fumigation
  • Post Construction Cleaning


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