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About PHS BioTechs

What We Do

PHS Biotechs metamorphosed from Perfect Home Solutions. It started few years ago as a one man business in real estate agency. With a lot of Project Management and Business Development training in the background the business is borne out of interest to provide solution to home challenges, for example, finding a suitable accommodation in a defined location and with a stated budget, holiday plans, hotel reservations, accommodation for tourists e.t.c.

The need for human waste management applies to all kinds of home structures therefore, the need for a sustainable management. Under heavy research, we realized the invention of Biological Technology will solve a lot of problems without depending on social amenities.

Today, we are a leading company in Nigeria providing solutions to all real estate challenges. Our website remain the first dedicated website to Bio Digesters in Nigeria since its arrival.

Other services that we offer:
  • Acquisition / Sale of properties and land
  • To Let / Lease of Properties & Land
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Holiday Plans
  • Car Sales & Rental
  • Event Planning

PHS Biotechs
7, All Saint Avenue, Peaceland Estate,
Lekki Ajah,


Email: support@phsbiotechs.com.ng, phsbiotechs@gmail.com
Phone: +234 (0)8054062149, (0)9038993278